275,000 people are reported missing in the UK every year.

Missing People in the UKTie a Ribbon

The statistics for missing people in the UK are shocking. Every year around 140,000 children and 250,000 adults go missing, some of which are unreported to police. Locating a missing person is an uphill struggle, as there is often little or no sign of where they could have gone.

At Tie a Ribbon, we hope to reunite friends and family members who have gone missing. By creating a database of pictures and information, it will be possible for people to recognise someone they know and find them once again.

We believe in the power of social media in this day and age, and in the cases of missing persons it can be a powerful tool in reuniting loved ones. By sharing a Tie a Ribbon link to a missing person on Facebook and Twitter, you could be responsible for helping to find one of these people. It can be someone that you think you recognise or someone you don't know at all, but by using our sharing feature you can reach out to hundreds of thousands of people in one click.

We all know about high profile cases of missing people, but there are thousands more that need to be found and helped out. There is always a reason that someone runs away, whether it be a child running from home or care or an adult who has too much to deal with in their life, but the fact is that if these people are found then they can begin to rebuild their lives with help from their loved ones.

Equally if you know of someone who has gone missing, you can send us a message via the Contact Us page. Please provide as much information as possible such as postcode, school attended, any recent sightings and a physical description (eye colour, hair colour, height, build, accent, distinguishable features). Also a link to any Twitter or Facebook pages they have may have could provide more clues. The more information we can add to a person's profile the more likely it is that they can be found.

We are hopeful that this website will make a genuine difference to people's lives all across the UK. Currently, there are not many websites like this that can put so many missing faces into one place. But we can't do it all on our own - we are relying on our visitors to spread the word in hope that the statistics for missing people can be reduced.